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Tik Tok A Relief For Many

Short light-hearted videos alongside interesting content has been a welcome relief for many of us. Before this year Tik Tok was predominantly popular among teens and young people but the App’s reach has even extended as far as many of our grandparents this year! With

Ensuring your online security during Covid-19

A lot of businesses already had plans and procedures in place to accommodate for home working, however for many it was quick learning, with systems needing updating and security protocols reviewed. If you are using your personal equipment at home for business purposes, ensure it

Does My Business Need Social Media?

Are you sat there wondering if your business needs to be on social media? Read on… Social media channels help you connect with your clients or customers and sunsequently increases awareness about your brand. Define what you want to get out of social media! Pressence

Challenges of Social Media

Here I look at the challenges social media marketers face and how you can solve them efficiently. TIME No matter how much time you put into a social strategy, there is always a distraction. Are your deliverables clear? Organise specific time to focus all attention to

Measuring Marketing

There has never been a better time to measure the impact of your marketing. On the flip side there has never been more of a chance of getting it wrong.   The data available from digital channels has led to an influx of information offering

The Confusion Of A #Hashtag

The #hashtag symbol was once just an icon on our keypads which we rarely, if ever used.  The word hashtag has now been added to the oxford dictionary and the role it plays in digital marketing has grown rapidly.

Are you violating copyright laws?

Are you violating copyright laws? Using other peoples images can be tricky on social media channels.  How can you make sure you do not end up with questions to answer, or even a fine?

Whatever Next!

Gone are the days of borrowing your older sisters ID to get you past that oversized doorman, it will all be down to an app with facial recognition to get past now.

Build It And They Will Come

Build it and they will come? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case anymore.  Facebook are making changes to their algorithms which affect the newsfeed viewing.