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Build It And They Will Come

Build it and they will come?

Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case anymore.  Facebook are making changes to their algorithms which affect the newsfeed viewing. Facebook has always restricted how many of your followers would actually see your content, the numbers varied between 9%-16%, they did this to encourage you to pay and boost posts. So, the more followers you build, the more would get to see your content. What Facebook are now doing is not exactly known, but it will have an effect on who actually sees your posts.

Whatever happens I think it is important that a business really has to have a solid social media strategy. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but look at …

  1. Content. It is really important that it is high quality and not sell, sell, sell. Try and keep it conversational.
  2. Follower base. Check if your followers are relevant to your business, do they have an interest in what you are showing them? If not, then encourage interactions that will attract your target audience.
  3. Audience. Try and really understand your audience. If you know who they are inside out, then you know when to post content online to gain a higher level of engagement with them.
  4. ‘See this first tab.’ On Facebook this is a really important step. Try and encourage your followers to click this which will let your content appear in their newsfeed whenever you post.

The main point is to produce good quality content, do this and pretty much everything else falls in place. Sometimes this means you publishing what your audience want to see and not always what you want them to see.