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The Changing Face Of Social Media

I recently was asked to speak at a marketing event on “the role and purpose of social media in the work place.”  Experience which was a little intimidating with so many people attending, but thankfully was met with some real passion and understanding.


Overall the event went very successfully, there was one particular person though, who noticeably to everyone, struggled with the whole concept of using social media as a marketing tool and was stuck in the mind frame that it was just for chatting with local and long distant friends.  It was this person in particular that made me appreciate how quickly, and quietly, the role and use of social media has changed.

There was a time when even the mention of Facebook or Twitter made employers blood run cold.  Social Media was banned from the office and accessing it during working hours was a cardinal sin.

Employees are now encouraged to understand social media better, not only as a personal resource, but also as a marketing tool for their employers.  It is no longer a threat, but a commodity.

Social media has a strong standing in the work place. Businesses are sending their staff on courses, specific positions have been created in the work place and if it can’t be handled in house, businesses are going to outside agencies for support.

And “Mr Doubtful”…at least he is engaging and in time will perhaps understand that social media can impact the bottom line.