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The Confusion Of A #Hashtag

The #hashtag symbol was once just an icon on our keypads which we rarely, if ever used.  The word hashtag has now been added to the oxford dictionary and the role it plays in digital marketing has grown rapidly.

Hashtags are used for categorising content on social media.  Adding a hashtag makes content discoverable and allows you to find relevant content from people or businesses.  The more specific you can be, the more targeted your audience will be, giving you better engagement.

Struggling to decide what #hashtag to use in your content? Twitter have produced an infographic to see you through the process.


There a few NO’s when it comes to using #hashtags in your content for social media.

  • No over loading your content with too many hashtags. It will dilute your message and make you look desperate.
  • No stringing too many words together in a single hashtag. #Nostringingtoomanywordstogether
  • No using a hashtag that is not relevant to your content. #Relevant

Still confused? Have a look what others in your industry are using as their hashtags and follow suit.