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Facebook Live Video For Business

Facebook has now given us the opportunity to watch live broadcasts from our friends, and public figures that we follow.  When watching a live video, there will be an option to click and subscribe.  Once subscribed you will get a notification the next time that

The Changing Face Of Social Media

I recently was asked to speak at a marketing event on “the role and purpose of social media in the work place.”  Experience which was a little intimidating with so many people attending, but thankfully was met with some real passion and understanding.  

Important Mistakes Not To Make On LinkedIn

You’ve done all the hard work of making LinkedIn connections. Do not fall into the trap of spamming all of your connections with changes to your profile – this has been assessed as the main reason connections break down via LinkedIn.   You may decide

How To Spot The Signs Of Hacking

At present 600,000+ Facebook accounts get hacked daily (Sophos 2014).  This includes all your personal information, pictures and just about anything you put online.  This is not only personally embarrassing, makes your business look unprofessional but is a major security risk to your personal details.