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Does Social Media Affect My Position On Google?

Being on Social Media has a big influence on your SEO (search engine optimisation) position.  Having a strong social presence can increase your search ranking. So, how do you achieve this?

If your social media pages have many highly ranked followers, you can rank higher in searches. This is due to the higher likelihood that they will interact with you. Spend time building a good quality follower base that will interact with you and the content you produce.

The links which we use on social media channels are treated as being of a higher quality, due to social sites having web authority, these are trusted sources.  There is a good chance that your Facebook page could rank higher than your website, thanks to Facebook’s higher authority.

Look closely at the privacy settings for your organisation’s social accounts.  You want them all to be public, so all the posts/content that you produce is searchable.

Keywords within your website are key for developing SEO. This is no different for social media. Use keywords relevant to your business and your audience.

In answer to the question, YES, social media can definitely affect your Google ranking!